Within us all lies a passion for creativity and a love of discovery.
- Pride Rocks
Here at Pride Rocks we believe that your state of being is a matter of self perception that can be altered via a shift in perspective. This is the reason why we have implemented various transformative properties into many of our designs; creating ambigram art that transforms when rotated or mirrored (click here to learn more) and utilising “hidden” esoteric messages, meaningful patterns or optical illusions with mnemonic functions - designed to aid the memory - as agents of wellbeing.

Art in all its forms has been practiced throughout history as both a method of self discovery and means of expressing and/or affecting inner emotions. Whether this be via movement, craft, or the symbolic mark making that birthed modern writing systems, the modes of the past are not too dissimilar to the symbols we use today to communicate, convey messages and invoke reactions in ourselves and others.

Because Pride Rocks.. we've been Inspired by this creative evolution; Influenced by the simplistic beauty of the geometric styles and esoteric letterforms used by our earliest civilizations and driven to appreciate how much todays forever evolving modes of expression can have an impact.

Since positive energy invokes positivity, at Pride Rocks Wares we aim to bring more peace and positivity into this reality; using the arts, fashion and creative expression as our mode of transmission; Showcasing the works of talented artisans and utilising the motions and movements of an army of willing human bill boards to combat negative mindsets and promote an atmosphere of self pride and anti-negativity.
As part of a growing Apparel and Accessories design initiative Pride Rocks hope to deliver more positivity and Pride inducing products in the near future; and are currently working on a range of revolutionary creations from homewares and wall art to hand crafted artifacts and gemstone jewellery.
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